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With the proliferation of Las Vegas style online sportsbooks, you may find it difficult to choose one site over another. While we recommend only the top Internet sportsbooks which are legally licensed and certified, we also go a step further. As online sports gamblers ourselves, we understand the importance of data and information concerning injuries and trends, the outcome of previous matchups and other stats. In many outdoor venues, it is also extremely important to keep updated on the weather before you place a wager on a particular contest. For instance, looking back at Peyton Manning's previous poor performances in extremely cold weather, and then checking the weather before the 2014 Super Bowl, would have revealed that a bet on the Seattle Seahawks might be the way to go. Here on this page we provide such information, covering all the major sports leagues.

If you look below you will see a Matchup Tool in red and black. We provide access to this valuable piece of sports gambling information through our partnership with Bovada, consistently rated as the top US online sportsbook. The NFL and NCAA football leagues are covered, as well as the National Basketball Association. In-depth NCAA baseball and college football data is offered here, as well as access to NHL, MLB and NASCAR scores, injuries, trends, schedules and statistical databases. The handy News section breaks down previews and recaps of major sports action, and if late breaking trades and other individual player information is important to you, access the Teams and Stats areas below. As a free service to help you place more intelligent wagers giving you a better winning opportunity, we also have a News and Weather section. And for baseball action, we provide Pitcher Logs and a list of the Umps that will be working each game, all accessible through the exhaustive Matchup Tool directly below this content.

Every successful, veteran sports gambler understands the importance of accurate statistical databases. And by using the tool below and selecting the prospective sports league you are going to wager on, and then checking the applicable database, you immediately access a wealth of free and relevant information not found at most online sportsbooks. Let's take a test drive and see exactly what we are talking about. If your game is Major League Baseball click on the MLB tab in the Matchup Tool. You will be taken to the Stats Center for that professional sports league. Then simply click on the Databases button in the Matchup Tool. You are then presented with Head-To-Head, Pitcher, Divisional and Left-Hand or Right-Hand queries. Choose the number of games, home or away, a particular opponent, grass or turf, and even the month or day of your statistical search, and click the Go button.

All relevant information for that search is instantly available. This is the type of research that professional sports gamblers do before placing any wagers, and is now provided free and instantly via our Matchup Tool. The same type of in-depth database and statistics are offered for all of the major sports leagues we mentioned above. And when you hover over the Stats tab, you access a drop-down menu that includes offensive and defensive stats sections, as well as a Hot and Not database. Again, simply choose the league which you want to research action in, then click the Hot and Not button for instant access to Against the Spread (ATS) and Over/Under performances for every major sports team in that league over the last 5 and 10 games. Depending on the type of sports league you chose, other information is also provided. This is an excellent way to find out which teams are on an upward tick and which teams are currently sliding.

The News and Weather button provides current and 10 day forecast information directly from the Weather Channel, as well as access to local newspapers and official team websites. And test driving the Trend Sheet reveals valuable wagering information. For instance, after selecting MLB and then Trend Sheet, a recent examination showed that the LA Dodgers are 5-0 straight up in the last seven games when playing on the road against Arizona. The information revealed here will always be pertinent to upcoming and on-the-board action, extremely valuable and instantly accessible gambling research available from your smartphone or PC any time night or day. We are proud to team up with Bovada to deliver free access to this information about major sports leagues matchups, schedules, betting trends, injury reports, latest scores, weather reports and much more through this innovative and free Matchup Tool. And when you are ready to place an intelligent wager based on the information you have gathered, simply click through the Join Now link provided below for access to the Bovada sportsbook, and you will receive a generous welcome bonus when you fund a real money account.

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